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The Radio Gallery

Over a century ago, radio brought about changes in society even more dramatic than those produced by the internet. For the first time, simultaneous national and international distribution of news and entertainment became possible. On an inflation adjusted basis, the family radio in the 1930‘s frequently was more expensive than today’s computer or a large flat screen tv. The Blues Radio International collection includes many museum quality examples of these early fine radios.

Some of the most important radios in our collection were manufactured of Catalin plastic in the mid-twentieth century. Catalin plastic was hand poured into molds to create brilliant colors and swirling effects. Since aged Catalin plastic is extremely brittle, only a small percentage of those manufactured survived intact.

Sparton Cloisonne Catalin Radio, 1939
Emerson Model EP375 Catalin Radio, 1941
Emerson, Little Miracle, Catalin Radio, Model AX235, 1938
Kadette Clockette, Catalin Radio, Model K25, 1937
General Electric Jewel Box, Catalin Radio, Model L622, 1941, lid open
General Electric Jewel Box, Catalin Radio Model L622, 1941
Addison Model 5 Catalin Radio, 1940